Andriavina, a young activist committed to effective and transparent governance

Andriavina, a young activist committed to effective and transparent governance

Rindra Rakotovoahangy
Andriavina lors d'une manifestation à Antananarivo
06 October 2020

RATAFIKA ANDRIANARIVO Andriavina, 24, young lawyer and political scientist, is an active member of Liberty 32 (L32), a Malagasy non-profit organization of young volunteers, which practices research engagement, focused on the civic and political participation of citizens. It promotes effective governance and the rule of law, the promotion of women and young people, as well as the culture of volunteering. Andriavina is the Administrative and Financial Manager of the branch in Antananarivo; he is also a member of the technical team, coach and assistant trainer for his Democracy Lab project. (D-Lab.). It consists of a space for research, analysis and debate on legislative texts, a laboratory for non-violent direct actions meant for social justice, as well as coaching for young people to encourage them to express their opinion.

During the month of August 2020, the Civil Society organization CCOC, in partnership with UNICEF Madagascar, organized training sessions on Public Finances to help Civil Society Organizations better understand the issues related to Public Finances in their field of intervention.

Andriavina, along with other members of L32, participated in this training.

Thanks to the training, he claims to have more interest in news related to the country's economy and public finances by having taken the time to fully understand the document on the Finance Law and to consult the website of the Malagasy Public Treasury which, according to him, is a real gold mine. "The training strengthened my capacities as a young activist. I could better fulfil my duty as a citizen – that is to monitor public funds, so that, as CCOC said, “Every Ariary spent impacts the lives of citizens”. Therefore, it allowed me to have a clearer view of the future prospects for the country and its young population," he stressed.

Indeed, Liberty 32's main mission is to monitor public life, and particularly the State Budget. As a member of this association, Andriavina is also required to be the main point of contact between Liberty 32’s and CCOC. He took an active part, alongside various civil society organizations, in the budget drafting process by providing recommendations for the 2021 PLFI (2021 Finance Law).
Regular training such as the one organized by CCOC with UNICEF will urge the State to strengthen the culture of accountability and transparency, especially in the use of public fund.