Formative evaluation of the country program between the Government of Madagascar & UNICEF 2015-2020

Evaluation Report - CPE Final Report

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Conducted between August 2019 and February 2020, the formative evaluation of the country program between the Government of Madagascar and UNICEF (2015-2020) has the main objective of informing and supporting the preparation of the future country program (2021-2023), for which planning began in late 2019. The findings, conclusions, lessons learned and recommendations will guide the UNICEF Madagascar Country Office in this exercise. Major donors and implementing partners (state and non-state) of the program are also among the users of the evaluation. The evaluation includes an examination of the organizational structure of the UNICEF Madagascar office, the extent to which expected results were achieved, and the factors that contributed to or constrained the achievement of results.

The scope of the evaluation covers the UNICEF country program, as approved by the Executive Board in February 2015, as well as all modifications and revisions to the original program that occurred during the period under review (2015 to 2019), such as adjustments following the country program MTR conducted in 2017-2018. Although the work in all regions was assessed, the evaluation team visited three intervention regions in particular: Androy, Boeny, and Analamanga. Due to the scope of a country program evaluation and the limited time available for the evaluation findings to inform the development of the next country program, the evaluators and UNICEF agreed to focus the detailed analysis on two of the largest sectors of the country program-health and WASH-while also reporting on the results of all sectors.

Évaluation formative du programme de pays entre le Gouvernement de Madagascar et l'UNICEF 2015-2020
UNICEF Madagascar
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