Malagasy young people join the U-Report programme

25 June 2021
UNICEF Madagascar/2021/Ramasomanana

« Your voice matters», this is the rallying cry of the U-Report programme for young people around the world to prompt them to express themselves, to make their voice heard through surveys available on social platform.

« Misy mihaino? » (Is anyone listening?), that is the slightly provocative call by U-Report Madagascar. The Big Island – in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other institutional partners – has just integrated the U-Report global programme, whose official launch in the country will be held on 24 June 2021 in Taolagnaro. There will also be the inauguration of the Youth wall with graffiti, bearing the image of the youth. This is part of the support of the Korean Government for the engagement of adolescents and young people in the Anosy Region, through funds allocated by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

U-Report is a programme available on modern communication platforms (web sites, Facebook, SMS, etc …...), giving the youth a voice on topics that concern them and societal issues.

The project’s main mission is to make the voice of young people heard and to encourage pathways to engaged citizenship through surveys. The digital tool is used to conduct these surveys. Each country chooses its own digital tool based on the reality on the ground. For the Great Island, the SMS message is chosen because the penetration rate of mobile telephony is higher than the rate of access to the internet and social networks like Facebook (the most used in Madagascar).

This social network is only accessible in cities. However, this project wants to be as inclusive as possible. The young of the Great Island between 14-30 years old are invited to make their opinions known by text message. The three main telephone operators TELMA, ORANGE and AIRTEL are collaborating with U-Report Madagascar.

Young people in these age groups are invited to register on the toll-free number 301, whatever their telephone operator. After registration, which is always free, young people are asked to take part in surveys on their problems, wishes, ambitions, projects, etc. The service is anonymous and free. The results are transparent and accessible to all and in real-time on the U-Report Madagascar website (  This service and U-Report Madagascar’s Facebook page will provide needed information and advice for young people.

U-Report is used to understand the opinion of young people to promote behavioural change. The results of these surveys can be used for advocacy among institutions, to improve or reform for example education policy. The advocacy will focus on integrating young people’s opinions in all actions concerning them.

The results can also be used to raise awareness among young people through peer training to initiate behavioural changes. U-Report Madagascar sensitizes the youth of Madagascar to register on the platform and make their voice heard as regularly as possible.

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