Child Food Poverty Report

A Nutrition Crisis in Early Childhood in Lebanon - June 2023

Child fed by her parent cereal


More than four years of acute economic crisis have left most families in Lebanon struggling to survive, with disastrous impacts on children’s nutrition and diets and consequently on their overall well-being, development, and their very survival.

Three out of four children under the age of five live in food poverty and  more than one in every four children under the age of five live in and suffer from severe food poverty.

Children cannot survive solely on staple grains. They must consume a variety of nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, and dairy products to keep their brains and bodies growing. Proper nutrition is particularly critical in early childhood, as what children eat determines their survival and shapes their growth, development and learning for the rest of their lives.

Child Food Poverty
UNICEF Lebanon
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