Coconut Creativity and ECD TV

Say hello to Fon and Own from Saysomboun province. They are two very creative girls. Read the unusual story of how they made their special coconut shoes after watching UNICEF’s My Village TV programme

Tackling Undernutrition

Travel back in time with us in a special “then and now” feature and take a look at the striking difference supplementary foods have made in the lives of two children between 2012 in 2015.

Feature Story

Turning Despair to Dreams: Meeting Malnutrition Challenges in Lao PDR

Malnutrition remains one of the most serious threats to children’s health in Lao PDR. Nearly half the country’s children suffer some form of nutrition-related illness. Saravan province is amongst the worst of 17 provinces with 54 per cent of children under 5 years old ‘stunted’ – a condition marked by children growing too slowly for their age as a result of poor nutrition.

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