Streets for life

Safe and healthy journeys for the children of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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In Latin America and the Caribbean, school-age children and adolescents are falling victim to unsafe roads and poor air quality. Those in low-income areas are most at risk.

By neglecting the safety of young people, policy makers and planners allow tragedy to occur on our roads, leaving families and victims devastated. The lack of an adequate policy response means that road traffic injuries are the leading killer of children and youth from ages five to 142 in the region and a burden on families -  a significant threat to heath and sustainable development.

This report calls for region-wide action and global support to end the preventable epidemic that destroying our children’s lives. It presents the solutions, that we can, and must use to protect our future - our children.

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Natalie Draisin, Avi Silverman, Fundación FIA; Florencia González, Florencia Lambrosquini, Mathías Silva and Federico Zugarramurdi, Fundación Gonzalo Rodriguez
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