UNICEF Kazakhstan appoints members of NINETY ONE as National Goodwill Ambassadors

UNICEF Kazakhstan officially announced the appointment of Batyrkhan Malikov, Azamat Ashmakyn, Dulat Mukhametkaliyev, and Daniyar Kulumshin as National UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors today.

16 May 2023
Ninety one group

ALMATY, May 16, 2023 – Ahead of Children’s Day in Kazakhstan, UNICEF appointed members of the popular Q-Pop group NINETY ONE as its National Goodwill Ambassadors. NINETY ONE joins other celebrities around the world who are using their voices and prominence to advocate for children’s rights.

NINETY ONE is at the forefront of national music chats and is one of the most popular music groups in Kazakhstan and beyond. Its name refers to 1991, the year Kazakhstan gained its independence. Thus, the group personifies the birth of a new independent music genre in Kazakhstan – Q-Pop, which has won the love of millions through social media. NINETY ONE members are more than just talented vocalists, performers, and dancers – they also write and compose all their own songs. Like UNICEF, NINETY ONE believes that the voice of youth should be heard, and it makes this happen through music. The members are passionate advocates for young people's freedom of thought and mental wellbeing. Through their songs, they call on the country’s youth to pursuit personal growth and understand each person’s uniqueness.

“We are very honoured to be appointed National UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors in Kazakhstan. UNICEF has been doing great work in Kazakhstan and around the world, and we are very happy to be able to support this work. Music connects people, and we hope that with our music we can reach people's hearts and minds and raise awareness about the most important issues facing children in Kazakhstan," said Ace, a member of NINETY ONE.

“It is also a great responsibility to be part of the UNICEF family. We hope to live up to UNICEF expectations to make the voices of children and youth heard when it comes to decisions affecting their lives,” noted Zaq, another NINETY ONE member.

Last year, NINETY ONE supported UNICEF and TikTok’s joint campaign called ‘Mental Wellbeing Comes First’. Thanks to its support, over 100,000 young people received important information about mental health.

“Thanks to our fans, we understand the needs and aspirations of adolescents and youth. Through our songs, we try to inspire them to do good deeds. We want them not to be afraid of newness and to believe in themselves. We join our efforts with UNICEF to make sure that every child can realize their dreams,” emphasised NINETY ONE’s Alem.

“We know how it feels when you are bullied and public opinion about you forms on the basis of your outfit alone. We know how difficult it is to cope with bullying. Now, we have a chance to support UNICEF programmes and help children overcome these problems”, said NINETY ONE’s Bala.

In their role as National UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, the members of NINETY ONE will help raise awareness about the various challenges children face through both online and offline channels. They will particularly focus on children’s mental wellbeing and online safety. They will also use their public platforms to advocate for children’s rights and put a spotlight on issues affecting youth.

After almost three decades working for the benefit of every child in Kazakhstan, UNICEF Kazakhstan has a longstanding tradition of partnering with prominent individuals from the arts, sports, and music industries. Outstanding musician and composer Batyrkhan Shukenov was the first National UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Kazakhstan. Dinara Saduakassova, one of the 10 best chess players in the world, has also actively supported UNICEF Kazakhstan initiatives for the past five years.

During the public appointment of NINETY ONE, Arthur van Diesen, UNICEF Representative to Kazakhstan, commented: “Music gives hope to people. NINETY ONE contains a new generation of Kazakhstani artists with enormous youth appeal. We share similar values, and I am confident they will be wonderful National Goodwill Ambassadors for UNICEF.”

Globally, UNICEF works with nearly 200 Goodwill Ambassadors to increase public awareness about children and women’s rights and UNICEF's work in protecting those rights. In the nearly 50 years since celebrities began working with UNICEF, they have helped positively influence government policies on behalf of children, publicize children's issues around the globe, and raise funds for UNICEF-supported programmes. Global, Regional, and National Ambassadors are among the most recognizable faces of UNICEF. As prominent personalities from the worlds of art, music, film, and sports, among others, they play a critical role in shining a light on the challenges children face around the globe. Ambassadors volunteer their time to raise awareness and mobilize support, helping UNICEF to reach the most disadvantaged children and adolescents with lifesaving help and hope.

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