Pilot Cash Transfer for Dom Community Briefing Note

A pilot programme to support children from the Dom community to go to school


  • UNICEF is piloting a Hajati cash transfer for children from the Dom community to support their enrollment and retention in education. The monthly cash transfer of 35 JD per school going child is now supporting dozens of families as part of the pilot. In total, 10,000 vulnerable children in the Kingdom receive Hajati support.
  • Out of school children from the disadvantaged community are successfully referred back to education through the UNICEF Makani programme, working closely with the Ministry of Education. Evidence has shown that additional layers of support are critical to ensure retention of previously out of school children. 
  • A recent UNICEF study on the situation of Dom families found that a quarter of boys and girls aged 6-15 years do not attend school and, of these children, 75 per cent had never been to school. Facing multiple barriers to their education, including migration, discrimination, violence and bullying in schools, only 60 per cent of those Dom children who defy the odds to attend school stay past the age of 11 years.


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