Adolescents and Youth for Climate Action

Local change to contribute to global goals


  1. UNICEF recognizes climate change as a direct threat to girls’ and boys’ ability to survive, grow, and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. Youth Engagement in Climate Action programmes take their part in Youth Engagement Pathway, aimed to involve and support youth to take the lead on positive initiatives in their society by providing them with skills and knowledge that can also help them with future job opportunities. The programmes focus on stimulating young people’s civic and economic engagement specifically to address the effects of climate change and contribute to the Kingdom’s overall environmental sustainability. In the long-term, UNICEF Jordan seeks to equip young people with the technical and soft skills necessary to secure emerging jobs within the green economy.
  2. According to the Climate Action Mandate survey on 100 young people conducted by UNICEF Jordan Country Office in 2019, over 90 percent of youth answered that they are concerned about climate change and nearly 50 percent of them use social media platforms to raise their concerns, while others raise their concern in their communities and schools.
  3. Now more than ever, climate change is an important issue not only in Jordan, but worldwide. The need for awareness and action for climate is essential, especially for children and youth, as they will be the leaders of generation living in the world greatly affected by climate change.
Climate Action
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