The third-place winner of the 2nd joint Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance – UNICEF Iran photo contest “Children’s Lives during COVID-19 Pandemic”

Sajjad Safari
13 October 2021

Always and in any event, the subject of photography for the photojournalists is outside their house, but during COVID-19 pandemic the subject appeared right in my house. Our daughter Raha who in the eve of the pandemic turned 5, like her name [ Raha means free in Persian] used to spend most of her time outside the house in places such as kindergarten, parks and relatives’’ houses, but since COVID-19 pandemic, the life style of the children faced with restrictions.

The photos in this describes the new life of Raha.

sajad 1
Sajjad Safari
Raha in front of her kindergarten, which is closed due to the pandemic. Before the closure, she used to spend five hours a day in the kindergarten.
sajad 2
Sajjad Safari
Raha on virtual visual call with her paternal family (aunt, grandfather and grandmother) due to COVID-19. Before the pandemic, she used to meet them three times aa week.
sajad 3
Sajjad Safari
Raha paints masks and COVID-19 related drawings on the wall.
sajad 4
Sajjad Safari
Raha and her mother are playing on the rooftop instead of going to the park.
sajad 5
Sajjad Safari
Raha and her doll in front of her father’s room who was suspected of infection. Her father was quarantined after contacting a COVID-19 positive person.
sajad 6
Sajjad Safari
Raha is watching an animation about using masks and observing hygiene protocols.
sajad 7
Sajjad Safari
Following the decrease in transport restriction, Raha for the first time after almost a year, is in a secluded amusement park with no children plating around.
sajad 8
Sajjad Safari
Following the restrictions lift after the decrease in the number of COVID-19 positive case, Raha travels outside the city to the beach of the Caspian Sea.