Read the winning comic book from UNICEF’s Superhero Comic Contest

“CIPTA: Create!” tells the story of how one girl helps defeat bullying and restores peace in her school.

Comic still Cipta and birds
2019/Rizka Raisa Fatimah Ramli

After searching far and wide, the ultimate superhero striving to end violence in school has been chosen: Cipta!

Cipta, known as Rajwa to her peers, is a 15-year-old who can turn her drawings into real-life objects that she uses to stop violence in schools.

As soon as she enters a new school rife with bullying, Rajwa discovers two girls cornering another girl in an empty classroom. It appears that after a whole summer of online shaming, these bullies are ready to take it to the next level. This is definitely a job for Cipta, but first she will have to face a three-headed dragon, an ogre, a rock monster and more. Is there a more nefarious power behind it all? Cipta, whose strength is only limited by her imagination, must use all of her wits and empathy to defeat the invisible force responsible and restore peace.

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Meet the illustrator

Rizka poses in her classroom
UNICEF Indonesia/Arimacs Wilander

Rizka is an 18-year-old illustrator and anti-bullying advocate from South Sulawesi, Indonesia who loves coffee, bicycling and petting random cats. As a self-proclaimed shy girl, she is inspired by the ability to use drawing as a way to speak up against injustice. That is why she created Cipta, to show that anyone has the power to address bullying. She hopes her superhero can inspire you too.

Check out our interview with her.

About the contest

It’s that feeling you get… It’s hard to put your finger on it.

You are watching someone being shoved down the hallway, but your legs are heavy and you can’t move. Despite being harassed on your way to school, your throat tightens and you can’t speak.

What is this dark force? It is The Silence.

Since the dawn of human civilization, The Silence has stopped billions from taking action against the injustice of violence. Its evil doings have threatened the lives of children and teens, allowing violence in and around schools, from classrooms to dark alleyways, to thrive worldwide.

For centuries young superheroes from far and wide have overcome the dark powers of The Silence, taking action and speaking up against violence in their schools.

But to defeat The Silence, and to keep children and teens safe in school, we need more superheroes and we need them now.

The School Superhero Comic Contest called on children and young people to join forces with UNICEF’s campaign to #ENDviolence and create a superhero to keep schools safe.

Thousands of young people from around the world entered the contest and with over 23,000 votes, Rizka with her superhero Cipta, was the winner. The prize was to work with a professional team to publish her own comic book, and a mentoring session with comic artist Gabriel Picolo!

To raise awareness on bullying in schools, Rizka’s comic book was presented to world leaders at the United Nations and will be distributed to 100,000 schools worldwide.