Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey in Guinea-Bissau, 2014

Monitoring the situation of women and children

Girl standing at the entrance of her house
UNICEF Guinea-Bissau\2017/Pirozzi


MICS-5 has the specific objectives: (a) to provide up-to-date information for the assessment of the situation of children and women (including men) in Guinea-Bissau; b) Provide necessary data critical assessment of progress in a number of areas and require more attention; (c) provide the data necessary to monitor progress in the towards the objectives set out in the Millennium Declaration and other internationally agreed objectives, as a basis for future action; (d) contribute to the improvement of the collection and monitoring of indicators in Guinea-Bissau and for strengthening technical capacity in the design, implementation and analysis of this system; (e) collect disaggregated data for the identification of disparities, in order to allow the implementation of sound policies for the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups; f) Contribute to the production of basic data for the Post 2015 Agenda.

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