Early learning is a smart investment

Early Learning for Every Bissau-Guinean Child



The first five years of life are the most important for learning. Young children’s brains grow at a rapid pace with brain connections happening at a startling speed, shaping their cognitive, emotional and social development. During this phase, young children
should be busy interacting with their environment and parents or other caregivers.
Before they start primary school, they should benefit from quality pre-school education. This should include having access to play-based learning books and interactive toys and participating in a variety of developmental and social activities.
Critically, the early years lay the foundation for the attainment of developmental milestones and the skills needed as an adult to earn a living in a highly competitive market. It is even more critical than ever as globalization and interconnected economies, automation and mechanization demand a high level of cognitive thinking.¹ Tragically, once that five-year window shuts, evidence suggests that
opportunities for children to develop to their full potential vanish.

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