Birth Registration for Every Bissau-Guinean Child

A legal identity for all by 2030, including birth registration

registo de nascimento


You can only obtain birth certificates if your birth is registered. Without a birth certificate, you are unable to prove who you are, who your family is, where you are from or how old you are. You are at risk of being stateless and are at a greater risk of violence and exploitation. You are more vulnerable to child labour and child marriage, particularly if you are a girl. Moreover, you are invisible to your government which means you could miss out on essential programmes and services that help secure your most fundamental rights, such as access to secondary education or certain healthcare services. As an adolescent, if you come into contact with the law as a victim, witness or perpetrator you may not be able to access the juvenile justice system. A similar difficulty arises if you are an adolescent refugee or migrant as you may be treated as an adult rather than a child which could lead to deportation in certain cases. Birth certificates are also critical in cases of trafficking, illegal adoption and reuniting children separated from their families. Later on, as a young person, you will need official identification for important transactions, such as opening a bank account, registering to vote, obtaining a passport, entering the formal job market, buying or inheriting property or receiving social assistance.

concept note registo de nascimento