Assessment of the child friendliness of the Justice System in Greece

The assesment aims at presenting the main findings and recommendations to support the improvement of the child justice system.

13 year old Emiliano from Albania lives in a poor suburb of Tirana in a Roma community after his parents left him and his older brother with the grandmother when he was a small child.


The Assessment is based on a literature review and synthesis of laws and data on the child justice system (juvenile justice), the way children are treated by the justice system, the policies and strategies, their participation and available services. The findings have been also enriched by (49) qualitative interviews with professionals of the justice system (prosecutors, judges, juvenile probation officers, professionals from Children's Homes, advocacy lawyers, NGOs) and in-depth case studies regarding children’s cases who had come into contact with the justice system. The above qualitative data have been further used to identify if and why the implementation of legislation and some measures and approaches proved to be more or less effective. 

The major issues facing the juvenile justice system have been outlined and are mainly related to the existence of different legal instruments and their complexity; the pace and regularity of legal changes, the lack of functioning institutions, services and specialist units for children in contact with the justice system; the lack of sufficient, dedicated, specialist, trained staff working with children in contact with the law; redeployment of staff rather than the appointment of new and qualified staff and a lack of resources, both human and financial. 

The findings and recommendations included in the study will be used by the Ministry of Justice in the development of a National Strategy for the child-friendly justice system in Greece. 

The full assessment report as well as the executive summary are available in English and also in Greek here.

The Assessment on the child friendliness of the Justice System has been carried out by Coram International with the support of Terre des Hommes Hellas and was led by UNICEF in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice.

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