The Situation of Children and Youth in Greece 2021

The Analysis of the Situation of Children in Greece and the National Programme 2022-2026 were prepared in collaboration with the Greek State and include consultations with the Civil Society as well as with children and young people.

Shayma and Sara 11, smiling at the camera hugging in the streets of Athens


Despite the remarkable progress in the full implementation of children's rights in Greece after World War II, there are several important issues to ensure the full realization of these rights as predicted in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (SDP). The first formal framework of cooperation between UNICEF and Greece provides a new platform of collaboration to address systemic barriers that continue to leave children out of progress. This includes strengthening the national capacity to develop a strategic policy planning and implementation.

UNICEF's report on the Situation of Children and Youth in Greece is available in English and Greek.

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