Capacity Building Strategy for Social Welfare Services Workforce

Strengthening existing institutional framework and instruments for social welfare

A father holds his baby daughter in a health center


The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP), the Office of the Head of Local Government Service (OHLGS), with the support of UNICEF and USAID, have embarked on a process of strengthening the social welfare workforce Ghana. The building of the human resource capacity is a key step towards creating a functional, holistic social welfare system and a fundamental component of systems strengthening process. Based on social welfare workforce assessment, a long-term capacity building strategy was developed to assist the Government of Ghana, specifically the OHLGS and MoGCSP to strengthen its social welfare workforce in order to respond appropriately to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized children and other populations in the country.

Capacity Building Strategy - Social Welfare Services
Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, UNICEF
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