On the Day of African child, children present digital solutions to tackle violence in schools

children in Gabon bring digital solutions to tackle violence in schools

21 June 2022
Fanja Saholiarisoa
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Libreville, 16 June 2022: Today the African continent celebrates children’s resilience and courage. It serves as a reminder of the right of African children to a lead healthy, fulfilling lives free of harmful practices.

This year, to mark 16 June—a date that commemorates the massacre of children in Soweto by the South African government—the African Union has chosen the theme of tackling harmful practices affecting children. Violence in schools is a huge challenge when it comes to promoting children’s rights in Gabon. It is widespread, takes many forms and is often devastating.

In Gabon, this day of commemoration coincides with the final round of the national digital competition to tackle violence in schools. For the thirdyear, the agency Blanc Cristal and other partners highlight the interest in children’s issues in Gabon and in defending their rights. By backing this initiative, UNICEF wanted to support young people’s contribution to the creation of digital solutions to tackle cybersecurity risks, bullying and violence in schools. The programme promotes inclusion, interdisciplinarity and the development of educational digital tools.

Over 580 children from 18 schools presented their digital solutions for tackling bullying and violence in schools. A wide range of young people presented a variety of prototypes, from primary school pupils to university students, as well as children with disabilities. A winner from each category was announced on the day.

“Our children deserve our support and our love, they need our support and our love. We must guide them on the path to adulthood by giving them all the tools they need to reach their full potential. Each one of us, whether we are parents, teachers, or working with children in another capacity, have a certain responsibility for our country’s human capital in the future, for protecting peace and discipline, and for ensuring that our administration and companies function well. Now is the time to invest!” declared UNICEF Gabon representative Noel Marie Zagré.

The right to protection from violence is just one of a range of rights, including the right to life, to a name, to nutrition, to education and a good environment, all in all the right to an education offering the opportunity to acquire values and attitudes that are essential for the rest of one’s life, such as discipline, respect for others, a love for work, tenacity, perseverance, effort, initiative etc. ... everything that shapes the men and women of the future, or perhaps I should say our nation’s human capital of the future.

That is why UNICEF, in addition to tackling violence, also calls for action to be taken to protect and promote all of the rights of the child across all sectors and throughout the community, in both homes and schools.

2022 Winners

- Primary School: ANDZEMBE Norha / MATTIEU Melissa

-High School (Collège): NZIKOU Lena / YONKEU Eulalie

- High School (Lycée): SAIZONOU Mattéo/ MOUNGOUNGOU Calvyn

- University: KOUDI Melissa Cherone

- Children with disability: NDEMEZO OWONO Joël

- Jury Commendation: BIGOURD Yara et Yelena + ESSONO Alissa + NGOMAGOUE Lick

- Digital Girl: MBANA MBOUROU Fagelias

- Hope Prize: CALLENS Ilyos, ARIA Benquet , ALINI Emmanuel , N’NA NZE Ivana

- Special Prize for Pupil/Student with Disability: NGUÉMA Nelson

- Favourite Public Vote: ROTOUMBA Lukas



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