Kangaroo Mother Care Technical and Implementation Guideline

Improving Preterm and Low Birth Weight infant survival rate in Ethiopia

UNICEF Ethiopia/2015


Newborn mortality continues to be the leading cause of under-5 deaths globally and accounted for 47% of all these deaths in 2021. Of these deaths, preterm-related complications accounted for 34% of under-5 deaths. Preterm and low birth weight (LBW) infants have a 15 times higher risk of death than those born term and appropriate for gestational age. In Ethiopia, neonatal mortality is unacceptably high with 33 deaths per 1,000 live births based on the 2019 Ethiopia Mini-Demographic and Health Survey, a preterm-related complication is among the leading causes of mortality.

This guideline has been prepared to facilitate the implementation of KMC practice at hospitals, health center, and community levels of the health system. The guideline also aims to provide guidance to the MOH, RHBs, zonal health departments, woreda health offices, hospitals, health centers, and Health Extension workers (HEWs) on the health system resources and supports needed to implement KMC at different health system levels.

Ministry of Health of Ethiopia
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