Supply and Procurement

Explore bidding opportunities with UNICEF

1) The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is inviting Institutions to bid for Open Source Acceleration Program

Please find below the Terms of Reference including the criteria of assessment and the request for proposal including the submission guidelines:

Deadline expected to receive proposals is 23rd of Dec 2018 at 11 PM at the latest.

Means of Submission can be one of the following two methods :

Sealed envelopes  and the submission should be as follows :

Technical and financial should be submitted  in a separate closed envelopes and should be sent to the reception area at UNICEF's office and should be marked with the following:

UNICEF Cairo - Supply Section

87 Misr Helwan Agricultural road, Maadi

LRFP 2018-  9144706 for Open Source Acceleration Program "Technical" or "Financial"

Do not Open

E-mailed submissions can be accepted only if sent to a secure e-mail address accessible only by the designated staff for the receipt of bids or proposals which are  and The proposals should be attached to the e-mail submission and all attachment should be in an non-editable format, for example secure PDF format or an image format such as JPEG. E-mailed submissions, including all attachments, should be printed, sealed in envelopes and kept in a secured place until evaluation are completed.

In case of email submission, please note that there should be two files one, technical and one financial and the title of each file should be as follows: 

Technical proposal

Name of company, RFP number 9144706  (Open Source Acceleration Program)- Technical proposal.

Financial proposal 

Name of company, RFP number 9144706  (Open Source Acceleration Program)- Financial proposal

Please note that , Proposals received in any other manner will be invalidated.

Should you need any clarifications regarding the Terms of Reference, these should be submitted in writing to Mr. Ibrahim Emad email with a copy to Mr. Ahmed Kamel, email  and Mrs. Mona Gadelhaq email Only written enquiries will be responded to. Please be informed that if the question is of common interest, the answer will be shared with all bidders.

UNICEF reserves the right to change or cancel the requirements at any time during the request for proposals stage and/or solicitation process.

UNICEF also reserves the right to require compliance with additional conditions when issuing the final contract documents.

Please make sure to fill Bid Form (page no. 3) and send it with your proposal.