Sweden and UNICEF launch an $8.3 million partnership to improve education for Cambodia’s children.

19 February 2020
Sweden and UNICEF launch an $8.3 million partnership to improve education for Cambodia’s children.
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PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, 19 February 2020: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the Government of Sweden and UNICEF today launched the Quality and Inclusive Education Support Partnership. 

Funded by the Government of Sweden, this $8.3 million partnership will be conducted over a period of four years (2020-2023) and will directly support education reform priorities and programmes as stated in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport’s the Education Strategic Plan 2019-2023. The partnership will contribute to advancing Cambodia’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) attainment linked to education quality and inclusion, gender equality as well as health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene in schools, benefiting children, particularly those from disadvantaged groups, who are struggling to realize their potential.

“Education holds a high level of importance within Cambodia’s national development priorities, including as a critical factor in driving quality improvements to human resources and in underpinning economic growth. Through this new partnership with Sweden and UNICEF, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will further strengthen the education system to more effectively respond to the education needs of all children in Cambodia,” said His Excellency Dr Hang Choun Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport.

His Excellency Björn Häggmark, Ambassador of Sweden to the Kingdom of Cambodia acknowledged the important and longstanding partnership between the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, Sweden and UNICEF in working together to improve the quality and inclusiveness of education in Cambodia.

“Sweden is delighted to have been a longstanding partner with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in re-building and strengthening the education system in Cambodia. By renewing this partnership, we will continue to assist all children in Cambodia, particularly those from ethnic minority groups, those living with disability and those from rural and urban poor areas, to access quality, inclusive and equitable education. The work undertaken through the partnership will also make an important contribution to Cambodia realising it national development priorities and move closer to realising critical SDG targets.”

Ms Cristian Munduate, UNICEF’s Representative to Cambodia highlighted the importance of the new partnership in broadening the prospects and life pathways of Cambodia’s children.

“Despite tremendous progress in education, still many children in Cambodia continue to fall behind in school for a number of reasons, including poor quality of teaching and learning environments. This partnership will assist the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to implement important programmes that deliver better quality and more equitable education for every child in Cambodia. The partnership will also help children and adolescents of different abilities and social backgrounds to access inclusive, quality and relevant education so they can fully develop and reach their full potential.”


Notes to Editors:

About the partnership

The Sweden-UNICEF Quality and Inclusive Education Support Partnership 2020-2023 is a $8.3 million partnership that aims to assist Cambodia to deliver better quality equitable, inclusive and relevant education to respond to the needs of all children, including vulnerable children and adolescents.

The partnership will directly support the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to progress key education reform priorities and programme articulated in the ministry’s Education Strategic Plan 2019-2023 and will also support SDG attainment across several areas of education quality and inclusion; gender equality; and health and nutrition and water; sanitation and hygiene in schools.

The partnership is structured around four key components focused on: (i) helping children receive a better quality and more equitable education; (ii) helping children of different abilities and social backgrounds to benefit from inclusive education; (iii) helping adolescents reach their potential through receiving relevant education; (iv) and promoting knowledge generation, advocacy and aid effectiveness.

Key expected results from this partnership are that Cambodia’s girls and boys, particularly the most vulnerable, have increased access to learning resources to meet their needs; increasingly receive relevant and quality learning in a safe, protective and inclusive environment, including during emergencies; and are increasingly nurtured by parents and communities to attend and complete early childhood and basic education and to embark on lifelong learning.



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