Child Care Reform Fact Sheet

CCR factsheet

CCR factsheet, family
UNICEF/I. Kapetanovic


Following the ratification of the CRC by the Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) countries in the early 1990s, most countries in the region became involved in a reform of the child care system. De-institutionalisation, aiming to move away from (over-) reliance on residential care toward more community based social services and family-based alternative care options, was one of the priorities of the reforms since 2005. Positive progress in reducing the rates of children in residential care can be noted in most countries of the region. Several of these countries are also known to have engaged in holistic reforms and development of new services. New services that are being created range from family and child support services of various kinds (including day care), to family based alternative care placement and social work.

CCR factsheet, family
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