2022 National Budget Brief

The first publicly available Budget Brief


UNICEF Azerbaijan introduces its first publicly available Budget Brief. After creating the Social Policy section, the budget brief was selected as an entry point exercise in Public Finance for Children (PF4C). The brief aims to open discussions on how the government can improve children's investments by synthesising complex budget information from a children’s rights perspective. It explores the extent to which the national budget addresses the needs of children in Azerbaijan via analysing the datasets from fiscal years 2018-2022. While analysing, the brief gives special attention to the composition of priority sectors for children, namely health, education, and social protection. However, it also highlights that allocations in priority sectors do not mean that all these allocations directly go to children and households with children. Moreover, public expenditure for children might be found in other categories like environment, economic activities, public services, etc., which are not part of these analyses. UNICEF Azerbaijan is committed to working with the government in this direction within the PF4C agenda.

UNICEF Azerbaijan
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