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Capacity building of the staff members of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population (MoLSPP) on child focused social work

Azerbaijan has achieved noticeable progress in economic and social development since its independence. The progress of poverty reduction as well as in other social development areas has benefited from the rapid economic growth and the country’s rich oil income that allowed the government to expand its budget expenditure in social sectors.

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BAKU, 1 February 2019 - UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of Education will organise a training in Baku on 4-8 February 2019 for 28 teachers from five pedagogical universities, including Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in Baku, Guba and Sheki, Ganja State University and Sumgait State University. A group of 50 in-service teacher trainers from general education schools will also be trained on 11-15 February 2019.

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Baku, 28 June 2018. Time passes so quickly – it is almost two years since I arrived in Baku, excited to be in a new environment, but aware that I was coming into an unfamiliar context.
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