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Local consultancy to conduct One Day Training on “How to give an effective feedback”

Feedback session is one of the main part of the performance management process. Feedback is most useful within a culture of learning and development. While giving positive feedback is relatively easy, being a supervisor can involve occasions when it is important to give negative feedback on research, on writing, and on progress in general.

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Azerbaijan Strenghtens Its System Of Early Detection And Prevention Of Disability Among Children

BAKU, 19 FEBRUARY 2018 – As part of the national effort by the Ministry of Health with the support of UNICEF on development of skills and knowledge of health professionals on early detection and early prevention of disabilities among children, a series of trainings will be conducted in Baku on February 20-23, 2018, with the participation of international consultants.

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The story of Baku’s inclusion school programme. Learning through kindness

Three years ago UNICEF joined forces with the Ministry of Education in Azerbaijan to provide places in state primary schools for children with disabilities. The Inclusion Schools programme has now been implemented in 4 state primary schools in Baku.
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