Children with disabilities should be fully included in the society, especially me

Gor's talk on #WorldChildrensDay

UNICEF Armenia
Gor in UNICEF cyan t-shirt is sitting with confidence on the office chair and his quote is written in cyan cloud on the left.
UNICEF Armenia/2018/Neo Simone
25 November 2018

On November 20 the world celebrates World Children’s Day. This is also the day when UN convention on Child Rights was adopted! In 2018, to mark World Children's Day in Armenia special discussion was held in Tumo Creative Center, where children voiced the issues they are concerned with.

Children were joined by the President of Armenia Sarkissian, UNICEF Representative Tanja Radocaj, VivaCell-MTS General Manager Yirikian, Director of Synopsys Armenia Musayelyan, Acting Minister of Education and Science Harutyunyan and many other guests to discuss with possible solutions to their problems.

Gor, interviewed, talks about disability rights and every child's right to inclusion. 

UNICEF Armenia

"I would like us to have tactile paving and traffic lights with sound, and for there to be audio information systems at bus stops, banks, museums and other places, like elevators.There should be road crossings for all children with disabilities, so that they too can move around and live the same way as children who can see."