Recommendations for the Online Gaming Industry

Assessing the impacts of the online gaming industry on children

Աղջնակը նստած է իր անկողնու վրա՝ գրկին դրված է համակարգիչ և նա ամբողջովին ընկղմված է համակարգչի մեջ։
UNICEF Armenia/Anush Babajanyan VII


To explore both positive and potentially negative aspects of children’s online gaming, UNICEF Innocenti and UNICEF Child. Rights and Business unit published a Discussion Paper on Child Rights and Online Gaming in August 2019.

This paper is a part of a series of similar papers tackling child rights issues within the digital sector. While preparing this paper and after its publication, UNICEF has engaged extensively with the online gaming industry in order to better understand and confirm the risks and opportunities for child rights; to identify best practices and leaders; and ultimately to be able to offer the online gaming sector a rights-based framework to understand and manage its impacts on children.

These recommendations are designed to help online gaming companies of all kinds – game developers, publishers, distributors, platforms, esports companies and streaming services – to assess their current practices and identify areas where they can improve or make a difference in relation to the rights of children.

Cover photo of the publication where children are playing with their gadgets.
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