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Mozambique floods: Malaria major concern in displacement centres
Zambezia, Mozambique. 28 January 2015. “The water came suddenly in the middle of the afternoon”, says Nita Alves, recalling the day her village was flooded a couple of weeks ago. “There was nowhere to escape so I climbed into a tree with my three children, tied them up around me with my capulana* and prayed to God we wouldn’t fall.”

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Major birth and civil registration project to reach thousands in Nampula
Four-year-old Mariza Iussufo is perhaps not fully aware of the life-changing event that happened to her today, when the enthusiastic crowd at Namachilo community suddenly turned silent as her name was called out. As she quickly replied “yes” with her tiny and delicate voice, her proud father lovingly nudged her forward to retrieve her birth certificate from the Nampula Governor’s representative. As she grows up and enjoys the benefits of the document she held in her hands, Mariza will surely one day understand that her right to be recognized with a legal name and nationality had just been fulfilled.

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