A vital fluid for every creature

A transport tasteless odorless and nearly colorless chemical substance which is the main constituent of earth’s streams, lakes and oceans.

Brenda Charles
Brenda Charles a Donnybrook product
UNICEF Zimbabwe/2019/Emmanuel Chifamba
25 April 2019

Every year, the United Nations sets aside the 22nd of March for commemorations of the World Water Day and the 23rd of March for the World Meteorological Day. This year, UNICEF through WASH Section funded lunches for the children, covering over 600 children that were present at the commemorations for both the World Water Day and the World Meteorological Day. A total of 31 Primary and Secondary school children attended the event from all over the country. The Event was held at Lake Chivero Recreational Park, organized by Eco schools Programme with an objective of teaching children, the importance of water and how we can preserve it for our benefit and the future generations. 

The event was child centered with the entertainment for the event being provided by school children in form of; poetry, song and dance. Of significant interest was a poem done by Brenda Charles from Donnybrook, emphasizing on scarcity of water and the need to use water sparingly and sustainably.

Read Brenda's Poem Below

Brenda Charles from Donnybrook Presenting her poem on Water at the World Water Day commemorations
UNICEF Zimbabwe/2019/Joneck Gwatiwa
Brenda Charles from Donnybrook Presenting her poem on Water at the World Water Day commemorations

It is often baffling how people care less for water yet without it life is almost impossible.

It is where surface water as lakes, rivers are scarce and inaccessible ground water supplies many hydrological needs.

Humans are busy engaging in what seems to be worthy but increasing population, urbanization, industries has reduced the open area for seepage and water to the ground, siltation, farming practices. This has threatened agricultural productivity, sustainability of aquatic life and domestic supplies of water.

Recently Harare has been facing water shortages and has introduced water rationing because of the death of the vital resource we are creating.

Let’s all come together and ensure that we manage our water sources sparingly to preserve this important resource.

Brenda Charles, 11.