In-depth Analysis of 2022 Population and Housing Census: Provincial Profiles

The profiles provide a very valuable source of information for evidence-based decision-making for government ministries, departments, agencies, local authorities, development partners, the donor community and the Zimbabwean population in general

UNICEFZimbabwe/2021/Kudzai Tinago


The secondary in-depth analysis of 2022 census data creates two composite indices, namely, the Spatial Deprivation Index (SDI) and the Progress Index (PI). SDI summarizes selected indicators as of 2022 in one index. It is a multi-dimensional poverty index that combines key social indicators into a composite deprivation/poverty index to identify the most deprived areas and guide interventions. On the other hand, PI is a composite indicator that shows the progress made from 2012 to 2022. Information from the composite indicators may be used to facilitate geographical targeting and alleviate the situation of children, adolescents, and women.

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