Generation 2030 Africa 2.0

Prioritizing investments in children to reap the demographic dividend

Asanto Mohammed, 7, attends the 1st grade class at Oda Aneso Primary School 10 April, 2014. There are 152 students in the class due to lack of classroom and teachers.


This report follows up the first Generation 2030 Africa report, published in August 2014, which outlined pivotal changes in Africa’s child demographics. The new report features population projections showing that by 2050, the continent will account for 42 per cent of all global births and almost 40 per cent of all children under 18. The report presents modelling indicating that if African nations invest in this growing population of children and young people – particularly in their education – and adopt economic policies that foster new jobs, the continent as a whole could see per capita incomes increase up to four-fold. The first, crucial step to achieving this demographic dividend will be to close the gaps that exist within Africa's health and education systems.

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