The crisis in Central Sahel

Advocacy brief | October 2020

A mother (wearing a mask against COVID-19) and two young girls


The surge in armed violence across Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger is having a devastating impact on children’s survival, education, protection and development: 7.2 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance. The Sahel, a region of immense potential, has long been one of the most vulnerable regions in Africa, home to some countries with the lowest development indicators globally. The COVID-19 pandemic adds further risks to the plight and safety of millions of children already affected by the humanitarian crisis.

This advocacy brief highlights the impact of the insecurity and COVID-19 on children and their families, advocating for attacks and threats to stop, and for critical human and financial resources to respond to the massive and acute needs, as well as increase access to basic social services for children.

Two girls smiling and playing with their hands together
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