28 September 2022

Building Resilience in the Sahel Programme

The Sahel region is prone to recurrent crisis, potentially reversing development gains, but it is also a land of opportunities. The communities there have shown extraordinary resilience to the shocks they face. With the support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), UNICEF has launched an innovative…, They talk about resilience in the Sahel, Interventions resources medias       Interventions to strengthen national and decentralized systems to improve access to equitable adaptive social services across 6 social sectors.   The programme supports adaptive and adapted systems at national and local levels, in order to provide risk-informed and child-centered social services: health Health…, Interventions to strengthen community resilience through multisectoral community capacity building and engagement., Women and men in communities are empowered to lead in the planning, implementation, management and, monitoring of prevention and response to shocks, and contribute to community-led service provision. UNICEF promotes community-based systems, interlinked with decentralized social systems. As an example, with the community-led total sanitation…, Interventions to strengthen individuals – including children and youth - resilience through sustainable social and individual behaviour change., Children and adolescents are involved as actors in changing behaviour and promoting sustainable development. Resilience is based on their initiatives and responsibilities, as well as those of their families and communities, with specific local goals and control of results. As an example, youth have mobilized to counter misinformation and fake news…, Interventions to strengthen evidence-based learning with stakeholders., Evidence-based learning with stakeholders is crucial to adapt and improve resilience programming throughout the four-year implementation period and ensure that models developed are efficient, flexible and scalable., Media library