Analysis of the Situation of Children and Women in Kon Tum Province

A details situation analysis on Children in Kon Tum

Analysis of the Situation of Children and Women in Kon Tum Province
UNICEF Viet Nam\Truong Viet Hung


This Analysis is part of a series of provincial situation analyses that UNICEF Viet Nam has initiated to support provinces under the Social Policy and Governance Programme. The initiative aims to inform the provinces’ planning and budgeting, including Socio-Economic Development Plans (SEDPs) as well as sectoral plans, in order to make them more child-sensitive and evidence-based.

The Analysis of the Situation of Children provides a holistic picture of the situation of girls and boys in Kon Tum province. This Analysis takes a child rights-based approach, looking at the situation of children from the equity perspective. The Analysis therefore makes a unique contribution to understanding the situation of children – girls and boys, rural and urban children, Kinh and ethnic minority children, poor and rich children – today in Kon Tum province. 

The report’s findings confirm the province’s remarkable progress in child rights implementation, in line with its socio-economic development achievements in recent years. However, there are areas where disparities still exist and more progress is needed. This is particularly the case for disadvantaged population groups including ethnic minority, but also in areas such as child stunting and malnutrition, water and sanitation, transition from primary to secondary education and child protection.

We hope that this Situation Analysis will be an useful reference document for Kon Tum Province to inform the planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation processes with a view of making provincial SEDPs, sectoral plans and development interventions more child sensitive.

Analysis of the Situation of Children and Women in Kon Tum Province
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