An online kindergarten for Ukrainian kids is now live on YouTube

24 March 2022

An online kindergarten featuring educational and developmental videos for children aged 3-6, which have recently been launched by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Science in collaboration with 'Ptashenya' Children’s Space and with the support of MEGOGO, is now available on YouTube Kids. The videos can be found in the 'Interesting' category on YouTube Kids. 

The project is aimed at helping parents engage their children in educational and developmental activities, and to take their minds off the war as much as possible.

The content for the online kindergarten was developed by an educational team from the 'Ptashenya' Children’s Space kindergarten and led by Solomiya Boykovich, an expert on preschool education. Psychologists have also joined the team, so that children who are stressed by the war can receive the right content.

The following is a list of the videos posted on YouTube Kids, with links:

  • The first episode is here. Kids will learn about spring, memorize spring months' names, find out interesting facts about space, do useful breathing exercises, and listen to a fairy tale about Manuel and Didi. 
  • The second episode can be found here. Children will continue to learn about spring, its colors and flowers, as well as find out interesting information about space. Kids will do breathing exercises and continue listening to stories about Manuel's and Didi's adventures.
  • This is the third episode's link. Kids will start learning the alphabet with Ms. Lida and her friend Bo, continue their travels through space and learn more about the ecology of our planet from Ms. Solya. Children will also be entertained by singing and moving with Ms. Nastya, while Ms. Sofia will read an interesting fairy tale.
  • The fourth episode is here. Our tiny viewers will repeat already learned moves, discover how many planets are in the solar system and find out what the planet Earth revolves around. They also will get better acquainted with the letter "A" and the words that begin with it, learn a song about a crab, warm up their fingers with fun exercises and dive into a fairy-tale world with Ms. Sophia.
  • The fifth episode is available through this link. Children will do unusual facial exercises, try fun moves and sing songs with Ms. Nastya, learn the letter "B" together with Ms. Lida, get fascinated by a new experiment with explorers Solomiya and Justynka, and listen to a new fairy tale from Sofiya. 

After weeks and, in some cases, years of turmoil, Ukrainian families are now either on the move, staying in shelters or adapting to new surroundings. Parents are often stressed, so organizing useful leisure activities for their children may not be the number one priority for them. These videos can help keep children engaged with useful activities and provide a sense of normality.The online kindergarten is part of the NUMO project - a platform which features useful tips, interesting exercises and games, helping preschoolers learn important skills for further development and prevent them from losing the skills they have already acquired. 

The videos are also available through the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, UNICEF, MEGOGO and other platforms. In the first week, episodes gathered more than 300,000 views on various platforms. New videos appear every weekday.

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