Pregnant mothers including Tumuhaise Catherine, Asiimwe Macureti, Kobusingye Joventa, Kyogabwirwe Rose, Tusingwire Meellon, Akankwatsa Mallion and Naturinda Barbra posse for a group picture with their midwife Ndinawe Brenda after receiving mosquito nets at the antenatal ward at Kitondo Health Center III in Ntungamo district. UNUCEF in partnership with ministry of health are giving free Mosquito nets to children and pregnant mothers to prevent malaria. Picture taken at Kitondo Health Center III in Ntungamo d

Uganda's Ntungamo District tackles through various interventions

Malaria remains the leading condition among all outpatient diagnoses for all ages, accounting for 32.1 per cent of all OPD attendances in Uganda

By Edmond Mwebembezi
27 April 2023