The Journey of a Child in Tanzania

Situation Analysis of Children in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar


The United Republic of Tanzania is a very youthful nation, with half of its entire population composed of children and adolescents. Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar have ambitious development agendas, and also face entrenched and structural socio-economic challenges, including extensive intergenerational poverty and limited educational and employment opportunities, especially for girls and women, as well as external shocks such as climate crises and the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Situation Analysis documents the journey of a Tanzanian and Zanzibari child through the life cycle, starting from conception through to the end of adolescence. The accompanying factsheets and reports highlight key insights into the challenges and opportunities facing children and adolescents in specific regions and across the country.

Journey of a Child in Tanzania Situation Analysis Cover
Government of Tanzania and UNICEF
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