Prevalence And Dynamics Of Suicide in Tajikistan

Study Of Prevalence And Dynamics Of Suicide Among Children And Young People (12-24 Years Of Age) In Sughd Region, Tajikistan

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UNICEF-Tajikistan commissioned a Study: Prevalence and Dynamics of Suicide among Children and Young People, designed and conducted by the Child Psychiatric Epidemiology Group (CPEG) at Columbia University. The Study’s findings, presented here, are expected to inform psychosocial and mental health, child-protection, gender and youth-related policies in Sughd, appropriate for developing effective suicide prevention and intervention programs, while enhancing information about psychosocial support programs in general.

Using district population counts from Tajikistan's 2010 Census (State Agency on Statistics, 2010), an average yearly rate for Sughd Region (2009-2010) of 11.2 suicides per 100,000 Young Persons ages 12 – 24 was calculated. Based on these data, among Young People (ages 12-24), the female suicide rate is 11.7 (per 100,000) and the rate among males is 10.6 (per 100,000). Within Sughd, Asht District was found to have the highest suicide rate of 19.2 Young Persons ages 12-24 (per 100,000). In Asht, the rate for this age group was almost twice as high for females (24.8 per 100,000) than for males (13.7 per 100,000).

Study on Prevalence and Dynamics of Suicide
UNICEF Tajikistan
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