Child marriage in Sudan

A snapshot from the Simple Spatial Survey Method (S3M II)

Sudan, UNICFE, child marriage, early marriage, harmful practice, child abuse, violation of child rights, violence against children, girl child, No to child marriage
UNICEF Sudan/2015/SariOmer


Child marriage is a violation of fundamental human rights and robs children of their childhood. The practice that affects girls disproportionately, compromising their development, often resulting in early pregnancy and social isolation, and impairs their ability to pursue educational and vocational training opportunities, continues.

UNICEF efforts are supporting the government strengthen child protection systems to address the various forms of violence that children experience as well as reach the most vulnerable children with quality and appropriate care and protection services. 

The snapshot shows the prevalence of child marriage in the different states of Sudan.

UNICEF, World Health Organisation, European Union, World Food Programme, African Development Bank
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