"Invest in Teachers, Invest in the Future" Education Round Table Event to Enhance Education in South Sudan

25 May 2023
Undersecretary, Ministry of general Education and Instruction, Honorable Dr. Kuyok Abol Kuyok, UNICEF South Sudan chief of communication, UNICEF young reporter, teachers, EU delegate holding a placard in support of more investment in teachers in South Sudan
UNICEF South Sudan / Nathanaelle Ngabe

Juba, May 26 - UNICEF South Sudan, with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction and Education stakeholders, emphasised improving the quality of education and the importance of teacher’s development in South Sudan at a Roundtable Event: "Invest in Teachers, Invest in the Future".

Held at the Scenius Hub, a youth arts space in Juba today, the event revealed the pressing issues faced by teachers and explored strategies to overcome them. The discussion concludes a month-long campaign to address the importance of investing in teachers including regular and timely payments, as well as offering comprehensive training programs. The campaign aims to retain highly skilled educators within the sector, enabling them to deliver improved teaching and contribute to the nation's progress and development of children across South Sudan.

"We have made notable strides in increasing the compensation and working conditions for our teachers in South Sudan. While we celebrate this progress, we are acutely aware that our journey does not end here. I remain steadfast in my commitment to continuing this forward momentum, to advocate for our teachers, and to improve our educational systems. It is through this focus that we can ensure every teacher is justly compensated for the invaluable service they provide. We owe it to them, and to our children who are the ultimate beneficiaries." said Undersecretary, Ministry of general Education and Instruction, Honorable Dr. Kuyok Abol Kuyok.

Recognizing the challenges faced by communities in South Sudan, where resources are pooled to compensate for irregular teacher salaries – government officials, community leaders, and schools are dedicated to improving the situation. They understand that the progress of the nation relies heavily on the presence of qualified and motivated educators.

Jesper Moller, Deputy Representative of UNICEF South Sudan, highlighted the invaluable role teachers play in the overall progress of the country. "Teachers are instrumental in nurturing the holistic development of children, and their contribution to the education system is immeasurable. Through our collective efforts, we aim to provide teachers with the necessary resources, training, and support to empower them in their vital work and ultimately contribute to building a brighter future for the children of South Sudan."

The campaign emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive environment for teachers, focusing on their professional development, career growth, and overall motivation. By advocating for increased investments in teachers, the campaign aspires to create a sustainable and positive impact on South Sudan's education sector.

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