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12 April 2018
Michel Saint-Lot and Vojin Djordjevic playing with a baby in his mother's arms in Lazarevac
UNICEF Serbia/2018

Lazarevac, Serbia, 12 April 2018 – UNICEF Representative in Serbia, Michel Saint-Lot, and Creator of the VODAVODA Brand, Vojin Djordjevic, visited the Primary Health Center in Lazarevac, and met with its Director, Dr Jovan Milojevic.

The strengthening of the system of services to support and monitor development, as well as the timely recognition of developmental delays and the delivery of early interventions, are priorities of cooperation between UNICEF and the Ministry of Health.

VODAVODA, which supports UNICEF, is helping the work of the Developmental Counselling Unit in Lazarevac by donating funds to provide equipment, furniture and didactic materials for the work of the Unit in Lazarevac.

“We appreciate UNICEF’s and VODAVODA’s support. Apart from furniture and didactic materials, this support also includes training for paediatricians and other healthcare professionals. It will help the joint work and planning of support for the inclusion of children with developmental delays and children from vulnerable groups into the community,” said Dr Jovan Milojevic, Director of the Primary Health Center in Lazarevac.

Services provided by Developmental Counselling Units are important for children who are at risk or are experiencing difficulties and delays in the earliest years of life. Early interventions can greatly alleviate developmental delays and prevent long-term consequences.

“Together with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, our goal is to make available high quality services for every child. Increased quality and access to early childhood development services, including adequate nutrition and timely immunisation, are important for everyone, especially for Roma families and families of children with disabilities. The support of the private sector is valuable and, thanks to which, UNICEF has so far provided the improvement of services in 11 municipalities in Serbia. We thank VODAVODA for recognising the importance of investing in children at the earliest age,” said Michel Saint-Lot.

“I’m sure that many companies recognise the importance of investing in children from the earliest age, because this is the only way to secure the best foundation for a healthy and successful nation in the future. The VODAVODA Brand recognised the importance of adequate support in this most vulnerable period. Providing quality healthcare services for children and their families is a priority for all of us who can help so that all our children grow up in the best conditions. I believe that many others will recognise this significance, and support important projects like this one,” said VODAVODA Brand Creator, Vojin Djordjevic.

Following the visit to Lazarevac, Michel Saint-Lot and Vojin Djordjevic visited the Banja Vrujci water spring where VODAVODA is bottled.

“We strongly believe in the power of partnerships and have a rich history of working with the corporate sector: we work closely with companies to develop partnerships that create positive impact for the world’s children and deliver business results,” Saint-lot said.

The interests of children and of business are inextricably linked: resilient and sustainable societies and business environments will only be possible if children’s rights are protected and promoted.

“VODAVODA is proud to support UNICEF’s work to reach every child. Only by working together can we build a better world, for our children,” said Vojin Djordjevic.

Thanks to the programme “Improving Primary Health Care to Support Early Childhood Development” 15 primary health centres and over 110,000 children have so far been reached in Belgrade.

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