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Despite gains in the situation facing Nigerian children and women in recent years, much remains to be done

Children writing in their notebooks
UNICEF Nigeria



UNICEF is working to ensure the rights of every child in Nigeria, especially the most excluded, so they can survive, thrive and learn in a safe and sustainable environment. Supporting systems 
that alleviate poverty and provide access to quality health, nutrition, water, sanitation, education and protection services enables children to reach their full potential. 
Our joint programming approach with other United Nations agencies, government partners, civil society organizations and NGOs utilizes child-sensitive programming to reduce vulnerabilities and address climate change and disaster risks. 

Our focus includes:

  • States and local government areas where children face the greatest deprivations
  • Areas vulnerable to climate-related shocks
  • Remote rural and urban poor areas where the hardest-to-reach children reside
  • Generating and promoting gender-disaggregated and local level evidence and data on children
  • Providing service delivery while strengthening systems to ensure sustainability
  • Innovation and technology for effective social service delivery

This document provides a glimpse into the organization’s new country programme, and what it will achieve by 2027.

Children writing in their notebooks
UNICEF Nigeria
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