What we do

UNICEF has been promoting children’s rights in Niger since 1972.

UNICEF Niger Wath we do

For close to 50 years, UNICEF has been a key advocate for, and contributor to the realization of children’s rights in Niger. We strive to leave no child behind. We focus on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children to make sure that they are given the best chance for a healthy life, a childhood of fulfillment and protection from harm.

UNICEF’s work in Niger

Our overall aim is to reduce social disparities and build resilience among children, families and communities affected by crises and shock to their livelihoods.

We do this by working ‘upstream’ to build an enabling national policy and legislative environment for child rights, and ‘downstream’, with a focus on parts of the country and population groups that are the most vulnerable and under-served by essential social services.

UNICEF seizes opportunities to work on emerging challenges that affect children such as climate change, migration, the demographic dividend and the multiple challenges faced by adolescents and young people.

Partnerships are key to advancing social change and advocating for children’s rights. UNICEF works with a wide range of national and local partners, as well as implementing joint initiatives with other UN agencies.

In addition, resources are leveraged from international development cooperation partners in accordance with the international principles and standards elaborated within the Paris Declaration.



Every child has the right to survive and thrive

Good nutrition is the bedrock of child survival, health and development

Every child has a right to water, sanitation and a safe and clean community

Every child should complete a quality and relevant basic education

Every child has a right to be protected from violence, abuse, and exploitation

Reaching every child in emergencies

Every child has a right to reach his or her full potential without discrimination