UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador Rambo Amadeus promotes fostering

Every child needs a family

UNICEF Montenegro
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Antonije Pušić speaking at the open days of the Centre for social work in Kotor
UNICEF Montenegro / Duško Miljanić / 2013
07 December 2013

Kotor/Tivat, MONTENEGRO, 17 December 2013 – Within the “Every Child Needs a Family” campaign, UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador Antonije Pušić, alias Rambo Amadeus, participated in the open days of centres for social work on fostering in Kotor and Tivat.

A house should not be assessed by the number of windows or rooms or bathrooms or by the amount of marble in it or similar. I believe that every home should be proud of the number of children’s voices coming out of it.

Antonije Pušić, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

The Mayor of Kotor Marija Ćatović was a foster parent herself. For some time, she helped raise children of her brother-in-law. "Financial or any other help can be provided in various ways. But the children, especially very young children, who memorize everything we say, care a lot more about the manner in which they are brought up and they need a warm and loving home. These children need to feel that someone loves them, that someone takes care of them and that feeling will make up for whatever they lack in life.” Ćatović pointed out.

UNICEF Montenegro

The Mayor of Tivat Miodrag Dragan Kankaraš, invited the citizens to apply for fostering: “On this occasion, I am inviting the citizens of Tivat to join in, get informed on fostering and take part in this noble mission of providing a family sanctuary for a child who needs it. The municipality will know to appreciate and support such deeds of our citizens.”

At the moment, in Kotor and Tivat, all children are only in kinship families. The aim of the “Every child needs a family” campaign is to develop fostering within families that are not related to children. In relation to this issue, Jelena Rakočević, a foster parent from Tivat, said: “I know that all of you here are thinking about how it is to take someone else’s child, what kind of relation you will have with him/her, what the child will be like, what kind of family he/she comes from and similar. You should never think about such things and about what will happen in future, but, instead, you should think about how much you can do for some child at this moment, if you can give him/her a loving home, family and raise him/her. One day you will feel the joy and the emotional satisfaction that I feel today.”

UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks talking about fostering at the open days of the Centre for social work in Tivat
UNICEF Montenegro / Duško Miljanić / 2013

Years of research have shown that when children under three are placed in an institution they are at risk of experiencing physical and psychological delays. UNICEF’s mission is for Montenegro to be one of the first countries in the region to completely eradicate placement of children under 3 in institutions.

Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Montenegro Representative, pointed out:

There is a difficult journey ahead and much more work to be done to achive this, and to address this remaining human right challenge. Will you join us on this journey, so that in near future, here in Montenegro, we can proudly say that as a country we uphold and live by the non negotiable core human right principle that every child needs a family.

Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Montenegro Representative

The campaign “Every Child Needs a Family” is organized within the project “Social Welfare and Child Care System Reform – Enhancing Social Inclusion” implemented by the Government of Montenegro, with the technical assistance from UNICEF and UNDP and the financial support from the EU.