Jazz orchestra promotes preschool education

The Preschool for All campaign continued in the northern towns of Savnik and Puzine

UNICEF Montenegro
Three children playing in front of the preschool
UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2016
16 June 2016

SAVNIK/PLUZINE, Montenegro, 16 June 2016 – The Preschool for All campaign continued in the northern towns of Savnik and Puzine, where children, in addition to playing in the outdoor preschools, enjoyed jazz music performed by the Vasa Pavic Music school orchestra led by the teachers Enes Tahirovic and Sule Jovovic.

“Music is the common language of us all,“ said Tahirovic. Although children express themselves in ways that are different from the ones of adults, he added, they understand the best the language of music. It inspires them and awakens their emotions. For Tahirovic it is always a great honor to perform for children.

I believe jazz can be interesting to preschool children as well. This campaign is necessary, because, in my opinion, parents who choose not to send their children to kindergarten are making a mistake. Children deprived of preschool education lose so much in character education.

Enes Tahirović, a music teacher

For Jelena Grubac, a mother from Pluzine, socialization was the key reason for enrolling her children in preschool.

“I didn’t have opportunities to do it sooner, but as soon as it was possible, we enrolled them. Somehow we managed to find money for it. I know they are doing well and have great teachers. I am very pleased and can already tell the difference,” Grubac said.

The family of Marija Cvorovic, a mother from Savnik, lives 15 km from the town and the nearest preschool. “My husband drives our three children to kindergarten every day. He then returns them home after 4-5 hours and then he goes back to work. It would make a great difference if transportation were organized, as it would be better for the kids. They enjoy being in preschool and spending time with other children, so much more than staying at home with adults. They’ve changed a lot: they have better communication skills, spend more quality time among the three of them when they are at home and they’ve learned to share and be friends with everyone,” Cvorovic pointed out.

Many children and parents, in downtown Savnik and Pluzine, played in the outdoor preschool organized by the local kindergartens in cooperation with the  NGO “Pedagogical Centre” and the Montenegrin Faculty for Preschool Education. The children also talked about why they like to go to preschool and what they learned there. “I learned how to count,” said one girl, while her friend added “What I like the best about kindergarten is going outside to draw with a chalk and to play the music chairs game.”

The children in Savnik had a message for their peers: “Friends, come to the kindergarten, so that we can have fun together. It’s great here”.

Key findings of the survey conducted in March 2016, among the parents of children 3-5 who do not attend preschools and live in the north of Montenegro, indicate that one in five parents believes the primary role of preschools is to serve as a day-care and be of assistance to working parents.

Parents are starting to realize that kindergarten is much more than a baby-sitting facility and that children learn a lot of things here.

Maja Jovičić, a preschool teacher

The second phase of the campaign, launched in May 2016 by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, is aimed at increasing the preschool enrolment rates in 6 new municipalities on the north of Montenegro – Kolasin, Mojkovac, Savnik, Zabljak, Pluzine and Pljevlja.

The Preschool for All campaign is part of the broader initiative of the Government of Montenegro, supported by UNICEF, which aims to achieve 100 percent preschool coverage of children aged 3 to 6 by 2020.

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