DAISY textbooks make learning easier

Thanks to DAISY textbooks – modern audiovisual books – Radovan is now able to learn faster and easier.

UNICEF Montenegro
Radovan Krivokapic, an eighth-grade pupil
UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2018
20 April 2018

NIKSIC, 20 APRIL 2018 – Radovan Krivokapic is an eighth-grade pupil at Mileva Lajovic Lalatovic Primary School in Niksic. Even to this day he can still remember the poem Little Red Riding Hood in a Cab by poet Dragan Radulovic, which he memorized in the fourth grade. Thanks to DAISY textbooks – modern audiovisual books – Radovan is now able to learn faster and easier.

Radovan says that he finds the voices of actors reading the poems and stories particularly interesting.

It is much easier now. I can listen to a poem or a text several times.

Radovan Krivokapic, an eighth-grade pupil with visual impairments

DAISY textbooks have been produced in Montenegro in cooperation with the School of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, whose teachers and students have for years volunteered their participation in the production of the books.

"This project was very important for me, because I had the chance to directly meet the beneficiaries of my work, and even more importantly, because both they and I realized the importance and purpose of the DAISY textbooks.’ There are very few things in the world that make sense, but this definitely does!" points out Maja Stojanovic, who, as a drama student, participated in the production of DAISY textbooks.

Radovan’s mother, Sanja Krivokapic, underlines that, thanks to the DAISY textbooks, he is now more independent in the learning process.

Before, I used to read everything to him. I used to repeat a single lesson 10 or 20 times in order for him to memorize it. Now I just push play, and while he is listening I have some free time.

Sanja Krivokapic, Radovan’s mother

In schools, DAISY textbooks have made learning easier not just for children with visual impairments, such as Radovan, but for all the pupils. Radovan’s friend Philip says that the classes that use DAISY textbooks are much more interesting.

Dijana Rondovic, Radovan's teacher
UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2018
Dijana Rondovic, Radovan's teacher, tells how textbooks in DAISY format offer an opportunity for better teaching and learning for all students

Their teacher, Dijana Rondovic, shares this opinion.

Anyone can use the DAISY textbook. In this way, children are becoming better listeners, learning by heart is now easier, and they are also learning proper pronunciation faster and better. The sensation of a text is totally different because it is not the teacher but rather an actor in the role of narrator.

Dijana Rondovic, teacher

Montenegro is the first country in the world to use DAISY textbooks systematically in inclusive education. So far, these textbooks are in use in 50 primary schools throughout the country.

With the support of UNICEF, the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Bureau for Textbooks and Teaching Devices, ‘Podgorica’ Resource Centre for Children and Youth, the Bureau for Education, and the School of Dramatic Arts, initiated the production of DAISY textbooks four years ago. Today, children in primary schools are able to learn from DAISY language textbooks, grades IV – IX, as well as from history textbooks in the same format.




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How DAISY TEXTBOOK helps one boy to learn