Strategy for early and preschool education in Montenegro (2016-2020)

Early childhood education

Children in the preschool
UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2015


The Strategy for Early and Childhood Education (2016–2020) has been developed through a participatory process including the relevant public sector and civil society stakeholders. It is underpinned by mapping out of pertinent policies and practices, i.e. a review of various inputs including primary and secondary legislation, strategies, reports, studies and other relevant materials. Moreover, an overview of key international documents, standards and guidelines has been made, while focus groups and questionnaires have been used to examine present needs and the status of implementation of the recommendations given in the previous Strategy for Early and Childhood Education (2010–2015). The 2016–2020 Strategy has also been a matter of public discussion involving the representatives of the education sector (preschool, primary and higher education), healthcare and welfare institutions, other line ministries, local self-governments, donor community, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), etc. The drafting of Montenegro’s Strategy for Early and Childhood Education 2016– 2020 has been supported by UNICEF Montenegro.

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UNICEF Montenegro, Ministry of Education of Montenegro

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