The rights of children in conflict with the law

Child protection

A boy with the hood on his head and with the bat in his hands
UNICEF Montenegro / Duško Miljanić / 2018


This document is the result of the work and dedication of a group of people who, gathered around an idea, have made a significant contribution to the process of the reform of juvenile justice and promotion of the rights of children in conflict with law in Montenegro. We refer to the people who work with children in conflict with the law and who have everyday professional contact with them and who consequently have particular sensitivity and empathy for their needs. The group of professionals who work with juvenile justice issues were brought together with the help of UNICEF in 2004 to form a working body – the Commission for Application of Alternative Measures and Sanctions, coordinated by the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro. In the course of work on this document, the members of the Commission and the Task Force for the pilot project of diversion from Bijelo Polje managed to become a leading force for change. The document that is in front of you was made for everyone who works with children in conflict with the law and it is expected to inspire all of us to take actions for rehabilitation and re-socialization of such children and to give them a right to the “second chance”. The document sets out international standards for the protection of children in conflict with the law, Montenegrin legislation that stipulates this subject matter and modern trends, and an overview of the results and achievements in Montenegro. We hope that you will find this document useful for your further work and that it will inspire us to help children and youth embrace positive social values. We sincerely thank everyone who helped in preparing such a comprehensive document.

Dječak sa kapuljačom i bejzbol palicom u rukama
UNICEF Montenegro
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