Policy Options for Cross-sector Collaboration on Early Childhood Development in Montenegro

A Policy Brief

Bebe, rani razvoj
UNICEF Montenegro/Duško Miljanić


Coordination and integration of early childhood development policies and services are critical for nurturing care, which refers to a stable environment that provides for children’s health, nutrition, security and safety, responsive caregiving and opportunities for early learning. The nature of early childhood development is holistic, and all children need all five dimensions of nurturing care to achieve their maximum potentials.

A fragmented approach to early childhood development does not provide the desired level of quality of services, nor the greatest return on investment. In addition, it fails to meet the needs of children and families, in particular the most vulnerable, who are otherwise likely to benefit the most. Disadvantaged and socially excluded groups require “a multidimensional and integrated approach, including access to adequate resources, affordable quality services and the right to participate.”

This policy brief provides recommendations for strengthening cross-sector collaboration on early childhood development in Montenegro.

This publication was developed as part of the Action “EU and UNICEF for Early Childhood Development in Montenegro”.

UNICEF Montenegro
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