My Values and Virtues – Development of social and emotional skills

Handbook for Primary School Teachers

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The social and emotional skills that teachers will be supported by this handbook to develop with even more success include: teamwork, creativity, self-control, empathy, tolerance, optimism, honesty and gratitude. It is quite expected and justified to ask “why these skills?”, since this is certainly not an exhaustive list of social and emotional skills primary school children should develop. These skills
have been recognized as priorities based on school-level research and the assessments of teachers, students and parents regarding which social and emotional skills should be fostered in children that would be conducive to their healthy development and good performance (Pesikan & Lalovic, 2015).
Skills feed skills! It is not only this saying, but also a vast body of modern research confirms that social and emotional skills are intertwined, interdependent, mutually reinforcing, provide fertile soil for the development of each other, and none of them can act in isolation and  autonomously. How can we promote tolerance without teaching the child to recognize and control him/herself and his/her own feelings, then to better understand others, to be responsible, fair, cooperate with others and those who are different? Therefore, you will find in the specific workshops focusing on one skill some  references to other related skills. The eight chosen social and emotional skills should be seen as a bunch of grapes to be cherished and developed, in which big and strong grapes support the growth of the ones only just


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