My Values and Virtues - Curriculum Guide

Development of Social and Emotional Skills in Primary School

My Values and Virtues - Curriculum Guide
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Globally, the last decade has increasingly shown the predominance of academic achievements over the school’s role in developing social and emotional skills. This is happening in the context of the strong, rapid and frequent, quite unpredictable social, economic and political changes that have  marked the beginning of the 21st century. Traditional value systems are undergoing a crisis. On the other hand, the democratic development of a society and the healthy growth of generations preparing to assume responsible roles in their personal, professional and social lives require new and stable value systems. Based on the traditional role of school as an educational establishment responsible also for the social and emotional development of students, further supported by contemporary research on the significance of early stimuli for personal development and character building, the My Values and Virtues programme is based on the following core principles, that:

  • individual and societal development hinge on human virtues;
  • the virtues underpinning a good character can be learned and taught;
  • school, teachers and parents are instrumental in developing desired features and behaviours in students.
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